Poundmaker Storyteller's Festival 2018

Incredible work from the Miyawata Culture Association Inc. and the Chief Poundmaker Centre for Peace for bringing this event to our community this summer! Sharing Indigenous world view through storytelling is so valuable and appreciated. This festival is timely as leadership have been working hard towards the exoneration of Chief Poundmaker and the repatriation of his personal items. Tara Worme was fortunate enough to hear the fascinating stories of Kahntineta Horn, Tekarontakeh and Dr. Lanny Real Bird on July 5, 2018.


Str8 Up - A Continued Partnership

Str8 Up - A Continued Partnership

In 2015, the Amiskusees: Semaganis Worme Family Foundation had committed to supporting the vision of Father André and the dedicated work of the Str8 Up family.  Tara Worme delivered this year's donation of $25,000 to the members and staff.  When Tara arrived at the Kinsmen Activity Place House shortly after lunch, members finished a smudging ceremony and were ready to begin their work in a sharing circle with Father André.  Once again reminded of the hard work the members put in.  

ASWFF's contribution of $25,000 was received by Str8-Up members Dale Isaac, Chris Moyah, Father Andre, Dave Stephenson, Tara Worme, Alex Munoz and Brad Christianson. Picture taken by Shane Taysup.

Click here to support STR8 UP with a cheque, cash or other donation.  

History of STR8-UP :   From Despair to Hope.

STR8-UP was conceived, not by foresight, intent or planning.  It came about, not by collaborative, comprehensive or of the initiative of agencies, institutions and community organizations.  It came about by active gang members wanting assistance and support to gain-confidence and support networks to aid in their desire to abandon an organization, which for them had become abusive, destructive, dysfunctional and alienating.  click for more

Young people are listening... Our words are powerful

Ignite the Life Youth Rally, Saskatoon, Feb 2-3, 2017.  

We'd like to acknowledge Treena Wynes, Agency Chiefs Child & Family Services and the many organizers, advocates, leaders and community support at the gathering.   The family foundation is pleased to support your efforts in creating a safe and healthy space to support the youth that need it the most.  Thank you for bringing together messages of love and hope, and for bringing forward the tools to reach out, build capacity to be resilient during difficult times.  

click to see national coverage - CBC National


International Student Scholarship 2016-17

The Amiskusees: Semaganis Worme Family Foundation acknowledges the barriers Indigenous students face while pursuing post-secondary education away from home - wherever in the world that that may be.  There are few scholarships available today that specifically support Indigenous Canadian students studying outside of Canada, similarly for international Indigenous students studying within Canada.  We have been listening to you and we have created a scholarship to address this need.   

This scholarship is intended to provide financial support to students who are studying outside of Canada and international students with a valid student visa who are studying in Canada.  

Two successful applicants will receive a $2,000 scholarship.  

The deadline to submit applications is February 17, 2017, 5:00 p.m. CST.


1.    The applicant should be in good academic standing as supported by submitting the most current transcripts;  

2.    Be registered in a post-secondary accredited institution (minimum of 12 credits per academic year); and

3.     Demonstrate the degree of commitment to building relations with local Indigenous communities (assessed from the strength of answers to questions IV.B-D in application form).




Celebrating Indigenous Journalism

 Executive Director, Tara Worme and Shinoah Young

Executive Director, Tara Worme and Shinoah Young

December 30 and we at the office were eager to finish the last full-day of the work week for 2015. Our Executive Director, Tara Worme, was especially eager as she presented a financial contribution to Shinoah Young, a woman from Opaskwayak Cree Nation and a University of Regina undergraduate student.  She is in her final semester of a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and will pursue a career in reporting thereafter.  The value Shinoah sees in her degree stems from her personal recollection of oral history, and the relationship between speaker and listener. She and Amiskusees share the belief that Indigenous cultures offer unique insights and methods of story telling that western societies have yet to celebrate.  Amiskusees was happy to offer some support to this Indigenous woman as she strives towards professional journalism. 

Nīcimos Book Launch

  Tara Worme, Executive Director ASWFF, Daniel Knight, Publicity and Community relations GTNT, Osemis Isbister-Bear, General Manager GTNT

Tara Worme, Executive Director ASWFF, Daniel Knight, Publicity and Community relations GTNT, Osemis Isbister-Bear, General Manager GTNT

On Friday, December 18, Amiskusees had the privilege of attending the Nīcimos Book Launch and party at Gordon Tootoosis Nīkānīwin Theatre; there we announced the winners of three awards Amiskusees and GTNT partnered to create. Milo Cameron was awarded the Lacy Morin-Desjarlais Memorial Award valued at $2,500.00, Jennifer Dawn Bishop was awarded the Theatre Arts Scholarship valued at $1,500.00 and Aren Okeymaysim was awarded the Arts Perseverance Bursary valued at $500.00. 

When it comes to blazing a trail in the performing arts industry, it is essential that the individual possess passion for the craft; every applicant demonstrated this trait. However, our three recipients struck us by their courage; their courage to pursue their vocation despite barriers they've experienced. Congratulations, Milo, Jennifer, and Aren. We are proud to support your endeavours and look forward to see you flourish as Indigenous artists. 

Str8Up Event

Father André Polièvre’s unyielding compassion brought the Str8Up initiative to action almost twenty years ago. This organization is comprised of ex-gang members and others who seek to abandon criminal activity and adopt healthy lifestyles. Through the healing process, many individuals have been able to accomplish their goals and inspire others to follow in their path.  Amiskusees has demonstrated our support through our contributions to Str8Up’s two published books. Congratulations - we look forward to more of these constructive efforts in the future.

But how do we move forward together? How do we stand by Str8Up as a Charitable Foundation and uphold the values represented by them? In our efforts, Amiskusees will be contributing a total of $75,000.00 over the next three years to this worthwhile organization. Thank you and Merry Christmas to Father Andre and the Str8Up Family.