The Amiskusees: Semaganis Worme Family Foundation was established with the goal of bettering First Nations communities through assisting our women and youth.  We wish to empower our people by providing opportunities to participate in sports, education, the arts, and cultural programming.




Tara Worme - Executive Director

Tara is currently living in Saskatoon and working full time as the Executive Director of the ASWFF.

Rheana Worme - Vice-President

Rheana is enrolled at the College of Law, University of Saskatchewan. 

Tanis Worme - Treasurer

Tanis is enrolled full time at the Ottawa School of Art. 

Donovan Worme - Board Member

Donovan is enrolled at the University of Saskatchewan. 

David Elias Worme - Board Member

Elias attends Aden Bowman Collegiate Institute; he enjoys football, wrestling, tae kwon do, soccer and track & field.