In 2015, the Amiskusees: Semaganis Worme Family Foundation had committed to supporting the vision of Father André and the dedicated work of the Str8 Up family.  Tara Worme delivered this year's donation of $25,000 to the members and staff.  When Tara arrived at the Kinsmen Activity Place House shortly after lunch, members finished a smudging ceremony and were ready to begin their work in a sharing circle with Father André.  Once again reminded of the hard work the members put in.  

ASWFF's contribution of $25,000 was received by Str8-Up members Dale Isaac, Chris Moyah, Father Andre, Dave Stephenson, Tara Worme, Alex Munoz and Brad Christianson. Picture taken by Shane Taysup.

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History of STR8-UP :   From Despair to Hope.

STR8-UP was conceived, not by foresight, intent or planning.  It came about, not by collaborative, comprehensive or of the initiative of agencies, institutions and community organizations.  It came about by active gang members wanting assistance and support to gain-confidence and support networks to aid in their desire to abandon an organization, which for them had become abusive, destructive, dysfunctional and alienating.  click for more